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Friends of The Thorold Arms Call For Volunteers

Having purchased the Thorold Arms in September and decided what we would like our pub to look like, we are now in the process of seeking builders to tender for the refurbishment. In parallel to this, we are researching what type of tenancy we want to offer and seeking tenants to run the pub business once it has been renovated. Our timescale for opening is as early in 2019 as possible. 

We consider that we can reduce our costs and therefore offer more by asking you to consider if you would be prepared to volunteer your services, whether in terms of professional skills or as a labour force. In addition, we are looking for volunteers to join 2 sub-groups; the first to consider how the interior and exterior should look, and the second to consider the type of tenancy to best suit the Thorold Arms and to assist in interviewing potential tenants. 

If you would like to volunteer your professional skills and/or labour please contact TAPco's new Support Services Director, Jim Mackereth at providing him with an indication of the type of assistance you are willing to provide. Jim will coordinate the volunteer workforce for the project, either side of the professional build. Please email Jim even if you have offered your assistance previously. 

If you would also like to join the Design Sub-group, please contact TAPco's Compliance Director, Rachel Button, on

If you would also like to join the Tenancy Sub-group, please contact TAPco's Business Director, Keith Elms, on

You are still able to use the email address, which will continue to be used but for general communication only.

We are trying to get the Thorold Arms open and trading as soon as we can so please help if you are able. 

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