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Out With The Old

Over the past few weeks, there's been a lot of work undertaken by volunteers to get the Thorold Arms ready for renovations to start and for this we're thankful. The work has involved clearing the attic, removing several stud walls upstairs and removing a considerable amount of old carpet.

The work by the volunteers is a great help as it's not only moved us further to getting the Thorold Arms ready but it's also saved us a considerable sum of money. As you can see, great progress has been made but there is still more to do so if you are able to lend a hand please contact James Mackereth (

In other news, the renovation plans for the pub have been approved and are visible here. In short, the main modifications include a bar in what was formally the dining room, a porch at the front door to provide weather protection plus larger ladies toilets. To enable the latter, a small extension to the existing toilets is necessary, with a new entrance to the rear lobby where a window will be replaced by a door. Upstairs, we have moved the bathroom to the centre of the building, but otherwise it remains broadly the same.

You will note that the architect has drawn a covered area between the porch and the toilets, which will feature in our planning application but will not be included in this project's initial phase. It could however, be considered in any future development.

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