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We're Getting Close

Charge Your Glasses

Charge your glasses ready for August as this is when we're anticipating that The Thorold Arms will be welcoming guests.

We're making great progress with the pub. The building work is going well and Zac Leasing, the appointed builder, is working fast to meet our deadlines.

After months of hard work, we can't wait to see the pub come to life once again. Those of you who have visited in the past will know that the toilets badly needed updating and so there will be a new block containing modern toilets. There will also be a new porch to protect the entrance to the pub. When you enter The Thorold Arms, the old restaurant will have a bar and this room will be called the Half Moon Bar. The old bar will be renamed the Seven Stars bar and both will be available for eating and for a quiet drink.

The reason for renaming these bars links to the history of the pub site. The site has been a pub from at least 1760 and the earliest known name was the Half Moon and Seven Stars. When the land was conveyed to Samuel Thorold in 1800 the name was eventually changed to the Thorold Arms.

The new landlords, Mark and Arzu Butler have been busy getting stuck into the renovations and both have some fantastic ideas for the pub and restaurant ahead of its opening at the end of summer. Mark will be front of house and Arzu will be the chef working in our new commercial kitchen. Hailing from Turkey, Arzu looks forward to serving great British food with a Mediterranean touch.

We're hoping for the pub to be an attractive and comfortable place to relax with a friendly atmosphere and where you can enjoy good food and drink. We hope to see you there soon!

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